At the recent NAHCR Image Conference we heard Beverly Jacobson of Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Health System speak about the power of positive communication with respect to employee recruiting

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This excellent presentation started a lot of dialogue about how candidate touch points, yes even the rejections, should be positive and engaging. It also got us thinking about how the timeliness and frequency of candidate communications can highly impact both a positive or negative result.

Think about your standard letters, if you were a candidate what impression of the organization would they provide? Are you asking for information or providing it? How do you respond to candidate that submits an application that is incomplete? Do you thank them for their application and politely inform them that they missed a few fields or do you reject the application outright? Every touch point with your candidate provides a lasting impression of your organization, positive or negative. The ability to not only attract top candidates but ensure that they stay with you during your application process is an integral part to any recruiter’s success. The selection process can be a long and tedious and those positive and engaging messages may be just the piece you need to get that highly desired candidate.

Another thought provoking question is how long do your candidates have to wait to hear back from you? The timeliness, tone and frequency of communication say so much more about an organization than many of us may think. If a candidate applies for a job and has to wait several days before even getting an acknowledgment, they have already had a frustrating experience…not a good first impression. On the flip side a warm, welcoming and timely response can create a positive impression and may be the thing that makes you stand out from the competition.

Most applicant tracking systems have the ability to produce communication to candidates. Using the document and template features within HealthcareSource Position Manager®, these positive messages can be created and utilized by all recruiters to assure messaging is timely, consistent and positive. Good candidates have choices. You want them to choose your hospital. So don’t let those great candidates get away. Create or refine your communications and make a good first impression with a smooth application process and status update. It really can give you a competitive hiring edge.

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