Healthcare, as well as many other industries, is in the throes of a candidate-driven market, where the high-quality professionals you want to hire have many opportunities available to them. If you want to win quality talent, you need to show candidates why they should consider your organization over another.

You need to update your talent acquisition strategy to include recruitment marketing, a top-notch candidate experience, and streamlined internal communication.

Attract High-Quality Talent with Recruitment Marketing

With so much competition for healthcare talent, your organization needs to stand out. Modern tactics like recruitment marketing help you differentiate your organization and are designed to help you fill your talent pipeline with the types of candidates you want. Recruitment marketing is comprised of four major techniques: employer branding, sourcing talent, candidate engagement, and data-driven recruiting.

Employer branding not only helps you attract talent by being an employer of choice, but it also helps you attract those individuals whose values align with those of your organization. A strong employer brand will make sourcing talent easier, as people will be more responsive when you reach out based on your reputation. Then, focusing on candidate engagement allows you to create a strong, positive relationship with potential candidates even if you do not have a position immediately available to them. Lastly, looking at your recruitment results through data analytics will help you understand which tactics are the most fruitful and cost-effective for your organization.

Make Better Hires with a Better Candidate Experience

Your candidate experience can affect whether a potential candidate completes an application with your organization or a competitor’s. Recruiters need to understand this impact — after all, 62 percent of candidates surveyed who had a negative experience with an organization’s application told their peers about it, according to Lean Human Capital’s 2019 Voice-of-the-Customer Master Benchmarks. You don’t want your next potential hire to simply move on to other opportunities because your recruitment process isn’t up to par with their expectations. Consider the results if your candidate experience exceeds expectations!

Candidate experience also feeds back into your employer brand, impacting the quality of talent you’re able to recruit. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your entire recruitment process for a positive candidate experience to keep current candidates engaged and to maintain your employer brand. Simple things, like having a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use application and career site or using text messaging to reach candidates can make all the difference in candidates’ experience with your organization.

Strengthen Communication Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Improving your candidate-facing strategy will help you attract more high-quality talent. However, improving the internal communication between recruiters and hiring managers will help your team make better hiring decisions, while also helping to deliver a streamlined, consistent experience to candidates.

Interviews often highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the hiring manager and recruiter relationship. If these two sets of interviewers are not on the same page, the process can be frustrating for them and the candidate. Hiring managers and recruiters need to have a common understanding of the role requirements, desired soft skills, and other priorities. Using structured interview guides can help recruiters and hiring managers standardize the interview process while also ensuring they obtain the information needed to make the best possible decision.

Modern recruitment technology can further help you manage your internal communications by enabling hiring managers and recruiters to collaborate inside one interface for seamless, efficient communication about candidates’ eligibility. What’s more, people involved in the hiring process can hold one another accountable while also avoiding duplicate work by keeping track of tasks in a shared checklist. Together, this makes a better overall experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates by helping to keep the process going and eliminating the likelihood for unnecessary delays in setting up interviews or even extending offers.

To more effectively attract and convert high-quality candidates, organizations need to adopt more modern recruiting methods and focus on building better candidate experiences and internal communications. Today’s candidates have so many options, this will help you make sure your organization is one of them.

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