journey to magnetThis post is an excerpt from our white paper Journey to Magnet Excellence®: How Talent Management Influences Nursing Distinction. In this white paper, we discuss how hospitals with ANCC Magnet Recognition® focus on developing and maintaining a culture committed to advancing nursing practice and nursing excellence in alignment with a hospital’s strategic goals.

The Magnet Recognition Program® is rooted in the continued development and improvement of nurses and the nursing function within healthcare organizations. The foundation of this is professional development. Each of the five Magnet Recognition Program components and most of the 14 forces include Sources of Evidence based in education or knowledge resources. The first three components most closely tie to learning. eLearning can play a central role in helping organizations meet educational requirements associated with the Magnet Recognition Program.

Component 1: Transformational Leadership

  • Improving leadership skills. This component requires hospitals with ANCC Magnet Recognition to have an empowered CNO with a minimum level of formal education who has a recognized seat at the executive table. One way for organizations to improve leadership skills is via education. Programs like the Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation from the AACN and part of the HealthcareSource eLearning Library can teach those skills and provide safe ways to practice new skills.
  • Building leadership and management bench strength. Component 1 also requires a positive culture of leadership and defined processes for building leadership and management bench strength within the organization. To attain this goal, organizations may elect to create an online or blended learning program to offer education to high-potential staff nurses or existing nurse managers who are interested in continued development opportunities. HealthcareSource’s Nursing Leadership and Management education series provides core education on topics like time management, managing staffing ratios, working within union based organizations, and building a high performance frontline patient care team.

Component 2: Structural Empowerment

  • Offering continuing nursing education and professional advancement. This component requires Magnet-recognized organizations to have formal professional development programs that offer both continuing nursing education (CNE) opportunities and professional advancement via certification or formal degree attainment. Nurses prefer to earn CNE online since it is both convenient and interesting. HealthcareSource offers more than 900 hours of CNE via hundreds of courses with content specific to each nursing specialty. HealthcareSource eLearning Library also includes Exam Prep programs to help nurses attain advanced certifications.
  • Building positive community relationships. Component 2 also requires nursing organizations to build positive relationships with the community and improve the overall health and welfare of the local community. Many Magnet-recognized organizations offer educational opportunities to community healthcare workers and nurses, as well as the lay community. Many of these topics can be offered online which makes it easier and more convenient for the community to participate.

Component 3: Exemplary Professional Practice

  • Provide resources to help nurses stay current on best practices. Most Magnet-recognized organizations invest in a program like Lippincott’s Procedures & Skills which provides evidence-based information on how and why to perform over 1,300 nursing skills across every specialty. These programs can be offered through an organization’s learning management system, so it’s easy for nurses to access the information and use it as a reference when working through other learning activities.

Hospitals with ANCC Magnet Recognition® focus on developing and maintaining a culture committed to advancing nursing practice and nursing excellence in alignment with a hospital’s strategic goals. These organizations enjoy numerous benefits, including attracting top talent and maintaining a collaborative culture. Download our white paper to learn how this prestigious designation is largely driven by talent management practices.

For more insight into how talent management impacts nursing excellence, download our white paper: Journey to Magnet Excellence®: How Talent Management Influences Nursing Distinction!

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