Create a career site that will attract talent.Are you trying to attract the best people for your healthcare organization? Of course you are. If you want to hire — and subsequently retain — the best people, you have to be seen by them. And today that means having a careers page that stands out from the crowd.

Here are six tips to help you create a careers page that will attract potential candidates:

Content Is King

Twenty years ago, Microsoft founder and all-around tech guru Bill Gates declared, “Content is king.” The information you provide on your website, along with how often that information is updated and curated, will determine how successful your site is.

When it comes to your careers page, few things are more important than the content on it. The words you use and how you present them are paramount to showing up in search results, catching job seekers’ attention, and delivering pertinent information. If you want to increase engagement on your careers page, the first improvement is to make it a pleasure to read.

Merely listing job titles and job descriptions is neither exciting nor engaging. Write up your careers page to reflect your employer brand, giving potential candidates a sense of your organization’s values and work environment. Also, optimize your content for search engines by using keywords potential employees might use to find you and then using those terms throughout your write-ups.

A Simple, Yet Bold Presentation

The best careers pages — and the best websites in general — have simple, clutter-free designs that are easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Keep things clean, and don’t be afraid to be bold in your design. Also, don’t put all of your information on one page. Organize your careers site by keeping the listings in one place, followed by job descriptions and other details on separate pages for each listing.

Short-Term Plan, Long-Term Strategy

Your careers page can do more than just house job postings. It can also be a brand ambassador for your organization. Be sure to think about both the short term and the long term when planning out your page. Your careers page should have an easy-to-follow design with clear links to your current job postings, but it also should have plenty of information for people looking to learn a little more about your organization in general. That way, you’re addressing both current and future job seekers on one page.

Maintain Freshness

Web pages, including careers pages, should be regularly refreshed. Make sure all your job postings are current, adding new ones and taking down any that have been filled as soon as possible. Also, check periodically to make sure that any links you are using are still active and that all aspects of the page still work as expected.

Use Social Media

Never underestimate the importance of social media. It can be a cost-efficient (or even free) platform to elevate your business — and your careers page — to new heights. Use it to spread news about job postings and to connect with future candidates. Also, social networks like Twitter are perfect for blasting information about your company out to a large number of people with relatively little effort. When it comes to reaching the up-and-coming millennial workforce, a social media presence is necessary.

Grab Your Camera

Humans are visual creatures; we identify and interact more with concrete images than we do with words or concepts. Capitalize on this by including plenty of imagery on your careers page. Veer away from generic stock photography that can be found anywhere on the web and instead showcase your organization with high-quality images of your team and care community in action. Make (or, if not possible, commission someone else to make) a recruiting video for your careers page that tells prospective employees not only who you are, but why they should want to work for you.

Job candidates don’t just want to see a list of jobs; they want to see inside your company. Your careers page should offer a sense of your organization, what you offer, and why they should want to join the team. While you are using the page to post job openings, you are also selling your organization as a place to work for your audience of job seekers. Make sure it sounds worth the investment.

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