May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as part of HealthcareSource’s Whole You Wellness Program, we launched a number of initiatives to provide our employees with resources, tools and programming related to mental health, stress management, and mindfulness.

Although we have mental health resources and ad hoc wellness programming available to employees throughout the year, like yoga and meditation sessions, we wanted to put a heightened focus on how we can do more to continue raising awareness of and prioritizing mental health at HealthcareSource – especially during the month dedicated to it.  

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we launched a few special initiatives to bring mental health and wellness to the forefront. We provided access to on-demand mindfulness and meditation exercises to employees, will be running a stress management program with virtual sessions and weekly topics, and are launching an education campaign to make sure employees know about the mental health-related benefits available to them and their family members through both our medical insurance and employee assistance program.

Over the past year, our executive team has also been committed to supporting employee mental health, especially as many people acclimated to working from home while supporting their kids with distance learning due to COVID. Our executive team increased the cadence of all-company communications, we provided employees with three additional “HealthcareSource holidays” to all rest and recharge, and we rolled out responsible paid-time off so employees can take the time off they need without worrying about balances and accruals. While these initiatives may not be part of our formal wellness program, we believe they have still helped alleviate some of the added stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic.

Since launching our Mental Health Awareness Month programming, it’s been great to see is the positive response from our employees – both for our new offerings as well as for how we’ve supported employee mental health throughout the COVID pandemic. Here’s a few things our team likes most:

  • ”HealthcareSource has gone above and beyond to help alleviate stress and anxiety. In addition to webinars on gratitude, happiness, and several on stress and the yoga and meditation events that are offered on a regular basis, the company has increased communications with employees. Company transparency and updates help with stress levels and anxiety. HealthcareSource has taken steps to keep employees safe by closing offices and allowing more work from home. Finally, while the company certainly expects us to get work done, I’ve always felt that my supervisor and the C-suite understand this is a different type of year. While I don’t have children, our executives have made it clear that employees shouldn’t feel bad about helping their kids with schoolwork or rearranging their work schedule to meet family demands as well.” – Michelle Surran, Trainer
  • “I have been working remote since before the pandemic. Weekly 1:1’s with my boss have really helped me be able to share if I am overwhelmed. Also, with large national issues, we have a CEO who is not afraid to talk about it. Encouraging us to vote, encouraging us to support issues close to our heart. I previously have come from an environment where “you don’t talk about that stuff.” In addition, my boss is totally understanding that I am having to homeschool the kids (3rd and 5th Grade) since March and that involves a lot of stress. My boss has let me take time in the workday to conference with the school or help with math where needed. I am not made to feel guilty for taking that time out to help my kids.” – Sarah Peterman, Associate Product Manager
  • “Since joining HealthcareSource, it was clear right away that we took mental health seriously. Aside from wellness programs like weekly yoga classes and various programs that promote wellness, the focus on work/life balance is something I’ve never seen before – for example, our leadership team gifted us with companywide days off to extend long weekends to help ensure we’re taking time off. I’ve also never worked for a company that prompted me to take MORE vacation time because it seemed like I hadn’t taken personal days to unplug from work and stay refreshed!” – Jenna Vassallo, Manager, Corporate Marketing
  • “HealthcareSource has flexible work-life balance. Let’s be honest with ourselves: This past year has nothing but, well, messy, if that’s the right word. We all have had our challenges and our own unique stories. What I’m most fortunate for being part of HealthcareSource is the simple fact that I have work-life balance. Picking my kids up from school and leaving my desk for 30 minutes each day or homeschooling them from the kitchen table while I worked on a project etc. Whatever it was, HealthcareSource supported and ensured that whatever it was during this pandemic, we would work through it as a team with as little stress and anxiety as possible. It’s a team effort!” – Ashley Seitzer, Regional Client Executive
  • “HealthcareSource supports employees and their mental health through [our] Employee Assistance Program, the offerings for Mental Health Awareness month, incorporating mental health as part of our benefits and insurance, and having responsible paid time off for the occasional “mental health” day.” – Liz Neiley, Senior Product Manager

Hearing this positive feedback has me excited to continue bringing new and meaningful mental health support and wellness initiatives to HealthcareSource during Mental Health Awareness month and beyond.

With the countless changes the pandemic has brought upon us, I hope that the work many have been doing to normalize, prioritize and talk more openly about mental health is here to stay.

Are you looking for tips on how to bring mental health awareness into your healthcare organization? Watch HealthcareSource CHRO Kerry Unflat’s webinar about prioritizing mental health in the workplace.

About Stephanie Mosher

Stephanie Mosher is director of talent operations at HealthcareSource, where she leads employee benefits, compensation, and HR operations functions on the talent management team. Her broad HR experience also includes talent management, training and development, HR compliance, HRIS management, immigration, payroll, and employee wellness programs. She is passionate about HR operations and finding ways to integrate data into HR decision-making. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. and her Masters of Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University. She also possesses a Certified Professional certification from SHRM (SHRM-CP). In her free time, she enjoys staying active, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.