I’ve been reading through our blog articles from 2011 and reflecting on some of my favorite moments from the past year. Here’s a list of the top 3 highlights.

1. Seeing our clients at the 2011 Healthcare HR events

Attending some of the major healthcare HR events this year gave me an opportunity to meet many of our wonderful clients. The NAHCR 2011 Image Conference was the first event I attended and it was a great experience. At the conference, Betsy Eaves, Recruitment Coordinator at CaroMont Health, was nice enough to fill me in on her favorite moments from the event – including Jay Forte’s keynote address. Jessica Quezada Jackson of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Senior Recruiter won our Coach bag giveaway and we couldn’t have been happier for her. Jodi Weiss, Senior Recruiter at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, and Ann Lacamera, Senior HR Representative at Yale New Haven Hospital, were gracious enough to share their experiences using Interview Manager at the vendor breakfast. Employment Manager Tessa Schmidt and Healthcare Recruiter Marilynn McCoy of Akron Children’s Hospital were engaging on Twitter. I had a fun time tweeting with them using the event hashtag. Marilyn tweeted that making new friends and re-connecting with old friends was one of the highlights of the event for her. Healthcare Recruiters throughout the NAHCR event mentioned that it was wonderful to talk through the unique issues facing Healthcare HR with their peers. It helps to know you’re not alone and to brainstorm with others as you work through challenges to find the right solutions. Another great highlight from the event – Lydia Ostermeier, Director of Nurse Recruitment at Indiana University Health, was named President of NAHCR.

2. The 2011 Educational White Papers and Webinars

This year, HealthcareSource embraced providing even more educational content for our clients and other healthcare HR professionals. But the content doesn’t really come from us; it comes from the interviews I conduct with healthcare HR leaders. They are the ones with the knowledge, success stories and a multitude of experiences to share – examples their peers can learn from.

For our most recent white paper on improving the interview process, I had the pleasure of working with several of our clients, including Lydia Ostermeier. Indiana University (IU) Health, named among the ‘Best Hospitals in America’ by US News & World Report for five consecutive years, employs a novel approach to evaluating candidates based on their organization’s mission and culture. For its academic health center comprised of three large health centers, IU Health receives up to 20,000 applications per month for the 2,000 nurse positions it seeks to fill each year. They invite the top candidates to a class called An Introduction to a Culture of Always. This class acquaints the candidates to the organization’s mission and values. After the class, participants interview with hiring managers, then shadow a peer in the work area for which they’re applying. According to Lydia, the ultimate measure of the new program’s success will be change in turnover and HCAHPS scores. Meantime, candidates have already provided positive feedback by telling IU Health it’s a terrific introduction to the organization, and recruiters appreciate another set of eyes evaluating candidates in-person. Best of all, because they utilize an extensive and automated screening process, it hasn’t slowed down the hiring process.

Earlier this year, we published a white paper on creating a culture of employee accountability. Lisa Brock, VP of Human Resources, shared the measures Overlake Hospital Medical Center employed to achieve a culture of employee accountability within their organization. According to Lisa, in 2002, Overlake Hospital Medical Center ranked below average in patient safety and satisfaction, and employee engagement. Recognizing it could address these issues through accountability, they embarked upon a journey of improvement. My favorite Overlake initiative is ‘Storytelling’; Overlake consistently re-enforces their mission on a regular basis through employee storytelling. The stories that employees share at Overlake demonstrate how their work matches the organization’s definition of accountability and their ICARE mission (ICARE stands for Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence), like how they saw a colleague do something that made a patient happy. Today, Overlake Hospital Medical Center is profitable and in the top quartiles for patient safety and satisfaction and employee engagement. To read about the other measures Overlake took to achieve success, download our complimentary white paper on creating a culture of employee accountability in healthcare or download our 35 minute Employee Accountability Webinar replay, which also features the Director of Training and Education at Trinity Health System, Kathie Pasquarella, and HR expert Dr. Frederick Morgeson, Ph.D., Michigan State University.

3. The HR Initiatives Survey Results

Our 2011 Initiatives Survey also provided us with the opportunity to publish an educational white paper and webinar. During the summer of 2011, HealthcareSource conducted a survey with the American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration (ASHHRA) to discover what the most vital human resources initiatives for healthcare HR professionals across the country are. 234 healthcare HR professionals responded to a series of questions, including “What are your current HR initiatives to reduce costs?” The answer with the highest response was “streamline HR processes.” That answer hit home because so often when I interview our clients about what they’ve done to create a more successful interview process, redesign their hiring process, improve the performance management process and so on, the number one thing is usually automate the process, simplify the process and streamline the process. Whether it’s migrating away from a paper-based system, implementing behavioral assessment software, piloting a solution to measure job board ROI or using video technology to interview remote candidates, our clients and other healthcare HR professionals are using new and innovative methods to streamline their HR processes and this is only going to increase.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012! Speaking of which, get ready for a soon-to-be published article on recruiting trends in the new year, featuring Employment Supervisor at EMH Healthcare, Miranda Maynard, and Senior Recruiter at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Jodi Weiss. Happy New Year!

2012 Recruiting Trends for Healthcare

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