Niche job boards can help you identify healthcare talent.Could niche job boards be an integral part of your healthcare recruiting strategy? Yes, they definitely can.

Posting jobs on a healthcare-specific job board offers a number of advantages for healthcare recruiters. After all, if you’re hiring for healthcare jobs today, you’re likely overburdened with too many positions to fill and are facing talent scarcity in the marketplace. Meanwhile, your organization’s turnover is likely high and employee engagement low, compounding what you’re up against in trying to attract and retain talent.

“The healthcare talent shortage is a significant issue, so going where the candidates are and differentiating your organization is very important,” says Mary Kate Kelly, Product Manager for the HealthcareSource Job Board. “An industry-specific board gives you visibility with those active candidates who are in high-demand.”

Of course, there are obvious benefits of using a niche job board to hire for your open healthcare positions, but those cascade to deeper benefits affecting time, cost, and even quality of care. Let’s take a look at the obvious ones first:

More Qualified Applicants

When you post your jobs on a healthcare-specific job board, you reach your intended audience. “Using a job board dedicated to your industry allows for communication to a more targeted audience and is likely to reduce the number of unqualified applicants that apply to your open positions,” says Sean Parlin, Director, HealthcareSource Job Board. “Reducing this number increases the amount of time available for recruiters to spend reviewing, interviewing, and engaging with the more qualified applicants.”

Remember that for every open req you have, it’s not about finding a large volume of candidates, it’s about getting to that one right candidate for the job and your organization. Niche job boards will help you get to that right candidate more quickly than general job boards.

More Interested Candidates

Talent that makes the effort to seek out industry-specific job boards tends to be more engaged and interested in finding a job. Especially as you hire for non-clinical roles, you know the candidates who apply through a healthcare job board are committed to working in the industry.

Niche Job Boards Are Easier for the Job Seekers

Posting your jobs on a healthcare job board allows you to be found by the right job seekers. These niche job boards are tailored solely to your industry, so they can make discovery easier for you and the job seeker.

“Candidates on general boards have to sift through thousands of openings without healthcare-specific filters or functionality,” says Kelly. “An industry-specific board makes it easier for them to find the job they’re looking for faster, because the categories and fields are focused on this one industry. This way you get a larger pool of healthcare workers viewing and applying to jobs.”

Don’t Overlook Down-the-Road Benefits

You can see how posting jobs on a niche job board can positively impact the talent acquisition team’s goals, including improving time-to-fill and decreasing cost-per-hire. Additionally, the benefits of using a healthcare-specific job board can extend to increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, higher quality care, and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Healthcare organizations need to look at the importance of the recruiting function, and how, if recruiters are able to bring more high-quality talent into the organization, that level of quality will cascade through everything else employees do, ultimately impacting the delivery of patient care.

If recruiters are able to more efficiently source candidates, “then the quality of the hires and the hiring process improves,” says Parlin. “And then turnover is reduced and employee engagement increases. That increases the quality of care you’re able to give. It’s like a waterfall. It all starts at having a great employee base and a great talent acquisition strategy, and that begins with the recruitment function.”

Recruiting quality talent in order to deliver quality care is key for the overall success of any healthcare organization, and using a healthcare-specific job board is one step recruiters can take to hone in on sourcing the right candidates.


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