During healthcare HR week, March 11-17, we received entertaining, honest and just plain wonderful entries from healthcare HR professionals across the country for our Healthcare Superhero Contest. We asked, “What superpower do you wish you had and how would it help you on the job?” Here are some of our favorite responses!

“The superpower our HR team would like to have is enhanced sixth sense. The enhanced sixth sense would include: clairvoyance to see how busy or shorthanded our managers are, telepathy to read our candidates’ minds, and precognition to see future changes in our staff to know if we need to step up our hiring game,” said Shonna Airington, Systems Administrator at Northeast Georgia Health System.

Deanna Bernstein, Manager HRIS at Saint Agnes Medical Center said, “I would love to be able to stop time. This would give me the ability to dedicate the amount of time I would like to my HR projects: testing, documentation, training, and follow up. It would also allow me to move from place to place quickly and be on time to any of my meetings.”

Theresa Mazzaro Lead Nurse Recruiter, PeaceHealth Workforce Planning & Talent Acquisition COE at PeaceHealth would like “to have the all-seeing vision to predict what healthcare recruitment would look like in the future…what is going to give our candidates and our patients the best experience and help us stay in our communities to continue giving the best possible care!”

“I would like the ability to see people’s true intentions. Sometimes it’s not the answer to a question that is important but the intention behind the answer that would be the most honest and revealing informtion,” said Terrie Naylor, HR Specialist, Recruitment, at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

Healthcare HR Superhero

Kathy Hunt, Nurse Recruiter at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, told us her superpower would be, “The power to source the perfect Nurse Practitioner candidate immediately so the care we provide to the kiddies is not interrupted.”

Roberta Kelser, Payroll Analyst at KSB Hospital, would like to be “Captain Multi-Tasker!! Can we create this Superhero power!?!? We all know this is a mandatory skill for any HR representative. I am the Payroll Analyst and general HR employee and love my job!”

Our winner healthcare HR superhero contest, Liz Dolence, Employment Specialist at Summa Health System, made us laugh! “I am willing to bet that everyone in Human Resources would pick the same super power, the power to read minds! Just think how much easier that would make our lives if we could know if people were genuine or lying or holding back or just really nervous. However, I would want to turn that power off as soon as I hit the elevator to leave work. I have zero desire to know what my husbands and kids are thinking all the time!”

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