Underestimating the Value of Reference Checks Will Cost You — Big Time

Reference checking is an important hiring practice. At the minimum, reference checks involve a conversation — traditionally, by phone — between a potential employer and someone who knows and hopefully has worked with the job applicant. The healthcare industry cannot afford the minimum; it must go above and beyond the norm for reference checks. Employers

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Preventing HR Burnout with Recruitment Optimization

In healthcare, extended interviewing and thorough hiring processes are both necessary and inevitable. Unfortunately, their importance doesn’t prevent them from taking a toll on those involved — perhaps even causing a few “healthcare hiring headaches” that could contribute to HR burnout. Of course, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you who work in healthcare.

The HealthcareSource Blog — Best of 2015

2015 was memorable year for healthcare talent management professionals everywhere — we’ve seen health systems consolidate, patients evolve into consumers, medical records go digital, ICD-9 (finally) flip to ten, the cost of care become transparent, and the focus on population health move to the forefront.

Does Anyone Deliver a Broad Talent Management Suite in Healthcare?

Earlier this month, KLAS Research released the “Talent Management 2015” report, their first report on talent management (TM) software providers in years, and the only independent research report on talent management in healthcare. KLAS has a unique approach to research, using healthcare provider survey and commentary almost exclusively, rather than the traditional “expert opinion” approach that

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How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Healthcare

Employee turnover is a costly reality in any industry and retaining top talent in healthcare is particularly challenging and oftentimes problematic. Employee turnover not only has a significant impact on patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes; it also comes at a high price. It is estimated that every percentage point increase in nurse turnover costs an average

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4 Healthcare Hiring Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Hiring in healthcare is complex — you’re dealing with a high volume of job applicants for multi-disciplinary positions, competing in the “war for talent” for qualified candidates, adjusting to shrinking budgets, responding to hiring manager requests, and much, MUCH more. Essentially, talent acquisition professionals are expected “to do more with less,” and in the hectic healthcare

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