HealthcareSource Acquires Lean Human Capital

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing some very exciting news: HealthcareSource has acquired Lean Human Capital. Lean Human Capital is a company based out of Plymouth, Michigan that has become the leader in healthcare talent management process improvement, education, and business intelligence.

Why Post-Acute Care Staff Are in Great Demand

The need for post-acute care over the next decade is going to require a massive influx of qualified and caring healthcare workers. While more people are living longer and independent lives, there will be an increased demand for post-acute care staff. Inpatient facilities, long-term care hospitals, and in-home professionals will need more staff members than

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Lean Recruiting: Changing the Game of Talent Acquisition in Healthcare

High-quality employees are the key to delivering quality patient care, so it’s imperative that healthcare recruiting teams stay on top of open positions and strive to attract the best possible candidates. However, the task can be daunting when faced with hundreds of requisitions. This was the case for Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

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Healthcare Compensation Data: The Key to Competitive Wages

Offering competitive compensation is essential in today’s healthcare environment. After all, nearly every healthcare organization faces stiff competition when recruiting staff. The challenge is even more pressing in rural areas where experienced talent is harder to come by. This was the case for Uniontown Hospital in Pennsylvania, a community hospital featuring very individualized positions. Without

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