For three years running, VCU Medical Center has been ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Hospitals.”  The only academic medical center in central Virginia, the 779-bed facility is a regional referral center, offering nearly 200 areas of specialty, and is the area’s only Level I Trauma Center.

So it’s not surprising that VCU Health System (VCUHS) has extremely stringent standards when it comes to hiring, and performs rigorous background screening on all employees – both when they are hired, and recurring screening, during its annual audit. Previously, background screening was all done in-house, a complicated and time-consuming process. 

“We were doing state background checks, and calling around for references,” recalls Deborah Slayden, director of workforce development and strategy. “We faxed forms out, and received information by fax.  Any updates came in by yet another fax. Then we had to store all that paper somewhere, and make sure that we had all addendums and additional pieces of paper that might come in over time all filed together.”

VCUHS learned that Position Manager, its applicant tracking system, integrated seamlessly with HireRight. HireRight provides on-demand background and drug screening. The medical center adopted HireRight, and now its recruiters order employment background checks with a click of the mouse.

“Our talent management system and our background-screening functions became an integrated system,” says Slayden.  “It made the work for our recruiters so much easier.  It was a win-win situation for everyone.”

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Social Security Shuffle

VCUHS has experienced many benefits since the integration of HireRight with Position Manager. These include the obvious time and labor expenses saved by their recruiters, as well as improvements in quality and dependability. 

A recent incident illustrates her point. “We were in the process of hiring a college student to work in our office,” explains Slayden. “HireRight’s report found that his social security number didn’t match his date of birth. Upon investigation, we learned that he had been using multiple social security numbers. Had it not been for HireRight, we might have been hiring someone with a criminal background.” 

Terrific Training and Support 

Because HireRight was already integrated with Position Manager, the implementation process was quick and painless. “HireRight provided great training for our recruitment staff. They also explained the Fair Credit Reporting Act and some of the legal issues around background checks. “It gave our recruiters a better understanding of the whole process, and why we have to do things the way we do,” says Slayden. 

“We consider HireRight to be a true partner,” says Slayden. “They help us hire the best people possible.  

HireRight is always happy to accommodate their unique requests. For instance, VCUHS’ compliance department instituted an annual audit of all background data. “HireRight was very supportive,” recalls Slayden. “They worked with me to create a spreadsheet of our population. Now I just send it to them, and they perform the checks for us every year. The whole process, which I thought would be daunting, actually became quite easy.”

“Our experience with HireRight has always been positive,” she concludes. “They’re consistently at the forefront of innovation – creating new tools and better ways for us to accomplish background screening.” 

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