Every year, the Joint Commission tracks thousands of healthcare cases, the most extreme being sentinel events. These include wrong-site surgery, medication mistakes, and accidental deaths. The most significant cause of sentinel events —72 percent to be exact — is deficiencies in employee orientation and training. The latest JCAHO quality and safety report focuses on accountability measures in an effort to clearly demonstrate the impact that performance measures have on improving patient outcomes.

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The latest report highlights improvements in key quality metrics. Why the improvement? There is likely no one reason, but clearly a key factor is the quality of the caregiver. Employees who are focused on providing the best care to patients and who have the necessary skills, competencies, and training will help your organization meet and beat these important quality metrics. These quality metrics drive focus, and focus drives people to behave differently.

How do healthcare providers translate high-level quality metrics into day-in day-out behaviors? You need similar focus on employee-level goals, competencies, and education. And we think that is where good software comes in. Read this white paper to learn how a performance management software solution gives you the tools to meet The Joint Commission standards for managing competencies, education, and employee performance so you can continue to deliver on your mission to provide the highest level of care to your patients.

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