“Share what you know and do — even if you think it’s a simple solution. Everyone comes away with something when you share.”

Jan Wright loves a good challenge.

Whether its improving the skills of Great Plains Health employees or figuring out how to make technology more effective, she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and jump right in. Her success at facing her challenges earned her a HealthcareSource Talent-in-Talent™ Award nomination, and win, in the Education category at last year’s Talent Symposium.

The HR director at Great Plains Health, as well as a slew of other colleagues, nominated Wright based on her work to improve checklists in their HealthcareSource NetLearning®learning management system. Because of her efforts, every department now has easily uploadable skills and orientation checklists.

The process decreased filing time by more than 35 percent for the HR administrative secretary and has helped Great Plains maintain its turnover rate for many entry-level positions.

“I was beyond honored to win,” says Wright, who has worked at Great Plains for 24 years. And it was a thrill to travel to Phoenix, where her son lived, to deliver a winner’s keynote on staff leadership development and a program she created for Great Plains’ emerging leaders.

“It was all from the heart — I only had a few handwritten notes,” Wright recalls. She talked about the program, then in its second year, and how they identified and developed people showing positive moves toward leadership.

The Talent-in-Talent accolade has directly impacted Wright’a mindset and career.

“Winning is definitely good for morale, loyalty, and advancement,” Wright says. “It gives you that sense of accomplishment and a feeling of loyalty to your employer. After the award, I was given some extra duties and a title change to leadership staff development coordinator. Now I’m in charge of all leadership programs at Great Plains Health.”

She adds, with a laugh, “not only that, but the trophy’s really cool. It looks great on my shelf in my office.”

Wright encourages others in the field to strive toward award-worthy work, and urges managers to recognize top talent in their organizations with a nomination as well.

“Employees just have to go for it,” she says. “You have to know your stuff, demonstrate impact and have that passion within. Managers need to see that being nominated gives us a strong sense of pride and loyalty to the institution.”

That’s critically important in an industry with a voluntary turnover rate of 14.7 percent and rising.

A HealthcareSource client since 2006, Wright is a frequent contributor to HealthcareSource’s annual conference.

“This year, I’m going to present on the suite of HealthcareSource products and how to utilize those to make staff and leadership rock stars.”

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Margot Carmichael Lester

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