“Know why you do what you do. You do it out of a passion for the work. We all like awards and advancement, but you’ve got to be doing the work from the heart.”

Kena Adelekan was known as an HR leader at Adventist Health System even before her Talent-in-Talent AwardTM win.

She has strong academic credentials, including a RACR certification and a Master’s degree in Leadership with a concentration in Human Resources. After filling more than 300 requisitions, hiring managers respect her track record and many request her by name when they have positions to fill. She’s also an internal subject matter expert and mentor for recruiters and managers new to the shared services model and to HealthcareSource solutions.

Even so, receiving the HealthcareSource Talent-in-Talent Award for Recruitment at last year’s Talent Symposium was a meaningful acknowledgement.

“It felt great to get the recognition, and the event was on my birthday, so the trip was extra special,” says Adelekan, who was nominated for supporting all regions in “Go Live” Prep and training new recruiters and managers. “Earning the award validates your performance to leaders and peers — they see more clearly how much you have to offer and how they benefit from it. It establishes you as a more valuable resource.”

Adelekan’s nomination and win boosted her coworkers, too. “Just getting nominated shows that somebody’s watching and admiring your work,” she says. “That motivates everyone.”

The accolade came with a chance to share her expertise from the keynote stage.

A natural extrovert, Adelekan says the opportunity was “a mixture of emotions. At one point, I was really nervous — it’s not my typical stage. But once they introduced me, I was fine. Since Disney was the theme [of Teri Yanovitch’s keynote], I made sure to do a princess wave!”

Adelekan’s presentation focused on how Adventist uses Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource® and The Recruiter Academy to add value to their team, as well as about how Adventist uses detailed reports to make their recruiting efforts more effective.

“I wanted to show people how we use all the solutions and data to excel and stand out,” she says.

That kind of information exchange is a big part of what makes HealthcareSource’s Talent Symposium so valuable for attendees.

“The Symposium gives us all a new perspective on our own organizations,” she explains. “It’s really useful to talk to other recruiters about how they work their day and their requisition loads. Plus, we were an honorable mention for the Lean Human Capital Elite Honor Roll last year and are striving to be Elite this year, so seeing how other organizations get to top status was also really helpful. HealthcareSource is a great organization with a lot to offer to recruiters and everyone in the talent arena.”

Of course, Adelekan has not stopped with her Talent-in-Talent win. This year, she has  been rolling out new systems changes. “We’re about to start text recruiting, so I’ve been learning cool techniques,” she says, “and striving for the next level of talent partner.”

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