competency assessmentsAs a healthcare recruiter, you have a lot to consider when placing contingent workers.

While many aspects of hiring in healthcare are similar to hiring in any other industry, these placements can have consequences on patients’ lives.

Healthcare recruiters can’t solely rely on traditional sourcing and placement methods and need to make competency assessments a key part of the process in order to protect their clients and the patients they care for. Competency assessments help evaluate the intrinsic, tacit knowledge that underlies actual performance and, when administered correctly, can help recruiters make better informed decisions. Competency assessments can help recruiters better understand what candidates are truly capable of on the floor and then place them accordingly.

However, while the patients’ well-being is a top priority for your staffing agency’s clients, it’s not the only variable to consider.

As if the idea of letting a less-than-qualified candidate slip through the cracks and potentially injuring a patient isn’t stressful enough, there’s still more for you to worry about. If a bad placement results in a bad outcome for a patient, it’s not just the patient and their family who suffer. The repercussions of an incident like this could result in litigation against your client organization, almost certainly tarnishing its reputation, as well as against your staffing agency.

This can cause a chain reaction of sorts. When a staffing agency’s reputation has been dragged through the mud, hospitals and senior living operators will be less likely to use your firm, understanding the consequences your work could have on them. Chances are, their reputation would be more tarnished than yours, making it harder to attract new patients or residents. And, when the flow of patients is cut off, it inherently makes it more difficult for the organization to attract its own top talent, begin new projects and initiatives, or secure new funding.

Unfortunately, adjusting any established process is difficult, especially in the fast-paced world of staffing. So, if you’re going to incorporate competency assessments into your hiring and placement process, you’ll need to know these solutions inside and out. And you’ll need to be sure you are using trustworthy technology that helps expedite the process.

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar on Delivering Quality Talent Through Competency Management, here.

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