With the recent cases of Ebola in the U.S. on everyone’s minds, these are challenging days for healthcare organizations and their employees. There’s confusion about which infection-control protocols to follow and how to effectively train and motivate workers who provide care and are potentially putting themselves at risk. After Dallas Presbyterian Hospital reported two of its nurses had become infected with the virus, the CDC, NIH, and others began talking publicly about the need for additional training, particularly in the proper use of protective equipment.

With so much at stake and in flux, we wanted you to know that everyone at HealthcareSource is committed to staying abreast of the developing science of infection control. The following is a list of resources from the CDC, NIH, and others you can access for the latest protocols and recommendations for dealing with infectious diseases such as Ebola:

As this crisis evolves, we’ll continue monitoring the guidelines closely. As new protocols are formalized, we will keep you and the HealthcareSource eLearning Library content up to date. Until then, if you have questions about the available resources, or need information or advice about ramping up a training program, feel free to contact us or contact your HealthcareSource representative.

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