recruitment marketing infographicIf you work for a healthcare organization, you’re no stranger to emergencies, including those in the human resources department. You have firsthand experience trying to fill open positions for nurses, physicians, and more, while your pool of qualified talent seems to be shrinking. Luckily, the HealthcareSource® ER can help you with recruitment marketing.

Find out what’s fueling this shortage and what you can do about it in our infographic.

And learn more about recruitment marketing and improve your efforts:

Infographic | Recruitment Marekting Edition | Are You Having a Healthcare Talent Emergency?

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Norma Gaffin

About Norma Gaffin

Norma Gaffin was the Senior Content Marketing Manager at HealthcareSource. In her role, Norma oversaw the creation and distribution of pieces to help healthcare talent management professionals recruit, retain, and grow their workforces.