recruitment marketing software vs applicant tracking systemsRecruiters’ jobs are evolving, especially in competitive fields like healthcare. As you incorporate more elements of marketing into your quest to attract and hire quality talent, you want to be sure you have the right tools. That’s why it’s important to understand the differences between recruitment marketing software and an applicant tracking system. You can use these tools in tandem to realize a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy.

What Is Recruitment Marketing Software?

Recruitment marketing software enables recruiters to attract, source, and engage candidates by creating talent pools of active and passive job seekers. Recruitment marketing activities are focused on the steps you can take to connect with talent before they apply and become applicants. These activities vary from distributing jobs to social networks and job boards, to managing targeted email campaigns, creating custom web pages, and other endeavors to support your healthcare organization’s employer brand.

Recruitment marketing software provides a variety of robust features that make it easy to take action, all from within a single platform. Additionally, recruitment marketing software generates analytics, so you can measure what’s working and fix what doesn’t to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment for your time and budget.

Applicant Tracking Systems Explained

While most applicant tracking systems provide basic sourcing functionality, their purpose is to track and manage applications once the employer receives them, and to ensure a consistent and compliant hiring process. Most applicant tracking systems are workflow-oriented and aren’t optimized for recruitment marketing software’s pre-applicant features. Together, these solutions help to automate requisition workflows, better enable recruiter and hiring manager collaboration, seamlessly integrate with background check systems, help to communicate job offers to applicants, and can even be used to streamline employee onboarding with welcome letters and other new hire documents.

How Recruitment Marketing Software and Applicant Tracking Systems Work Together for You

Recruitment marketing software is not a replacement for your applicant tracking system, or vice versa. But you can use your recruitment marketing software as a complement to your applicant tracking system, sourcing your own talent pool and getting interested candidates to become job applicants.

At HealthcareSource, we have meticulously mapped out the talent management process and are integrating our recruitment marketing software and applicant tracking system at key intersections for efficiency and ease of use. Both solutions add value to the recruiting process independently, but when integrated, they encompass the full talent acquisition lifecycle.

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