Written by Carla Kennedy Gold, Managing Director, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource

The art of elite recruitment today is dramatically different than yesteryear. Recently, I came across a LinkedIn infographic called The Modern Recruiter: Part Artist, Part Scientist that outlines, with a fun visual, what it takes to be a great recruiter in today’s world, with today’s challenges.

So what exactly is a “modern” recruiter?

“Modern recruiters are equal parts artist, equal parts scientist. Modern recruiters are the whole package — they have the powers of persuasion to woo the most passive of candidates and can analyze the recruitment metrics benchmark data to inform their organization’s hiring strategy.”

Take a look and ask yourself…are you a modern recruiter?


The Artist

  • Matchmaker:  Having instinct for mutual connection
    • You know how to build relationships with candidates and hiring leaders
  • Marketer:  Through their profile or employer branding, they tell great stories
    • You engage with top talent and become a brand ambassador
  • Salesperson:  Builds a talent pipeline, nurtures leads, and closes deals
    • You know how to build pipelines and candidate closing best practices
  • Talent Advisor:  Trusted advisors to their clients
    • You are an effective business partner by leveraging metrics to quantify performance and build credibility

The Scientist

  • Data Nerd:  Numbers and data not only helps you make better decisions but will earn the trust of others in the organization
    • You love to analyze data and manage your business using metrics and fact
  • Researcher:  Explore candidate pools, employment and skill trends, and the competition
    • You excel at developing effective search strategies, mind-storming best practices, and leveraging your centers of influence
  • Technologist:  Knows what tools work best and masters using them
    • You are up on the latest in sourcing tools and techniques to improve time management and productivity
  • Psychologist:  Can read candidates and knows how to positively influence their decisions
    • You understand the importance of candidate development and conduct effective candidate intake sessions

Sharpening your skills and perfecting your technique in these “roles” will make you an even better recruiting professional. Recruitment is both an art and a science. Whether you are the Matchmaker or the Data Nerd, your expertise makes a difference that is seen throughout the organization every day, with every hire.

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