You know your employees are motivated by more than just compensation. In fact, most employees will admit that even the smallest recognition for a job well done keeps them motivated and drives them to succeed. And in the high-pressure, high-stress world of healthcare, employee motivation is critical to delivering consistent, quality patient service during every phase of care. Without proper motivation and drive, it’s easy for employees to feel burnt-out, undervalued and ultimately unmotivated.

Quite often we get so caught up in the bustle of day-to-day healthcare operations that we forget to stop and let employees know what they’re doing right. Giving employees positive feedback on a regular basis makes them feel like they are contributing to the organization’s mission. And engaged, motivated employees deliver better care to patients. So how do we take the time to remind our employees of their value and reinforce positive behaviors when we hardly have time to take a coffee break?

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In our whitepaper: “Improving Employee Satisfaction in Healthcare Through Effective Employee Performance Management”, you’ll learn how healthcare organizations are using performance management software to simplify employee feedback documentation. Managers can scan and attach notes from patients and other positive feedback throughout the year and use this in their performance discussion. The software provides them with easy access to a wealth of information to draw upon when discussing the individual performance of their employees.

It’s important to note that the software won’t create a culture of positive recognition—it’s just a tool. Organizations need to clearly communicate that this is a priority and stay on top of their managers to be sure they are incorporating this into their daily routine. Many organizations encouraged using managers who love using the tool, to encourage their peers to do the same. After all, a little peer pressure just might work.

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