Recruiters and hiring managers are like peanut butter and jelly. Independently each works well and offers the organization a ton of value, but mash them together and you have the quintessential sandwich; tasty, reasonably nutritious and fast to make. 

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Over the past few weeks, I read a blog series on Managing Your Hiring Manager that extolled building credibility with your hiring manager and the need to measure both the manager’s activities and their feedback. Recruiters often push back against this idea because they feel hiring managers want their open positions filled yesterday — with the exact person matching the ideal in their head. Who wouldn’t get frustrated with a goal you can never meet? Yet there is a reason SHRM and other recruiting groups advise that a recruiter’s success depends on being consultative with hiring managers. Recruiting and hiring managers have to be on the same page for each to be successful. David Szary, President of The Recruiter Academy, shared “The most important thing to remember is you need to understand what your hiring managers want!”

This week, I chatted with a manager at a major teaching hospital and the conversation made me wonder if recruiters where acting on this advice to partner and consult. The hiring manager shared how her recruiting team was failing her expectations and her expectations were not unachievable. Many of the concerns such as; requisition processes taking too long, recruiters using the exact same sourcing strategy for all jobs instead of by job type and job advertisements being removed before the position is filled, can be solved if the recruiter and hiring manager work together. Once they are working in tandem, your HR systems such as, HealthcareSource Position Manager,can be tuned to support their interactions like Manager Notifications and Manager Status.

In your organization, are recruiters and hiring managers acting like separate jars of peanut butter and jelly or are they working together to hire quality talent with reasonable costs and timelines? Your recruiters probably don’t need a formal service level agreement with their hiring managers (ok maybe some do), but everyone needs to ensure that the peanut butter is mixing right into the jelly!

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