For the better of this year, I’ve been traveling the country to deliver a “Talent Talk” presentation titled “Strategic Talent Management: Key Insights to Hire, Keep, and Grow Your Healthcare Workforce.” Select elements of this presentation have also made their way into the keynote of our Talent Symposium user conference. I’d like to share five

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With Thanksgiving upon us, I think it is important that we all slow down and take a moment to appreciate the things that really matter in our lives — family, people, and making real connections. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is gathering together over a meal and just enjoying conversation, without our cell

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The job of creating a joyful workplace is a shared responsibility. Vicki Hess, RN, MS, and Talent Symposium 2019 keynote speaker developed a strategy for ensuring everyone at your healthcare organization is held accountable for finding and sharing joy.

Today’s healthcare workforce is more generationally diverse than ever before. Try these strategies and recommendations to effectively recruit and retain employees from all generations.

If you look at our top blog posts of 2018, you’ll see how hiring the right healthcare talent is key to successful workforce management. Read them all here!