In healthcare human resources and nursing leaders commit to improving workforce engagement and creating positive professional practice environments through leadership synergy, the ability to navigate the complex challenges inherent in today’s healthcare environment is enhanced. Individual and organizational goals are achieved through collaborative coordination that ultimately improves the quality of care for patients, families and the communities we serve.

If you ask a group of nurses why they decided to go into nursing, the overwhelming response will probably be, “Because I wanted to help others.” Helping patients through direct clinical care is what many nurses want to focus on ─ management may not be a planned career choice, but a thing they step into due to

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This post is an excerpt from our white paper Journey to Magnet Excellence®: How Talent Management Influences Nursing Distinction. In this white paper, we discuss how hospitals with ANCC Magnet Recognition® focus on developing and maintaining a culture committed to advancing nursing practice and nursing excellence in alignment with a hospital’s strategic goals.