HealthcareSource KLAS ResearchEarlier this month, KLAS Research released the “Talent Management 2015” report, their first report on talent management (TM) software providers in years, and the only independent research report on talent management in healthcare. KLAS has a unique approach to research, using healthcare provider survey and commentary almost exclusively, rather than the traditional “expert opinion” approach that many other analysts and research firms use. So, as you can guess, we were very interested in the results.

As you can read in our press release, our clients ranked HealthcareSource highly in many areas:

  • 89% of provider respondents said they would buy HealthcareSource products again
  • We are the only vendor to achieve a “Strong” performance score in more than one “Breadth and Performance of Talent Management Vendors” category
  • We’re rated among the highest in “Business Relationship and Product Development/Delivery”
  • We are the only vendor to achieve an “Exceptional” score in three client perception categories: HR Integration, Retention, and Future Optimism

And, 79% of our clients indicate positive impact on patient care and satisfaction, which is very exciting to us because, well, that is why we do what we do! Our mission is to provide solutions that help our clients select, develop, and retain the people you care for. So, of course if feels great when so many of our clients say that we are making an impact where it matters most. It was said best by one of the respondents who use HealthcareSource products:

If we have happy employees, then we will have happy patients. If our managers are not frustrated with the technology they have to use, then they will be happier. That will make our employees happier, and that will in turn make our patients happier. I would say that our talent management system improves patient care and satisfaction.”

Personally I found the most interesting finding of the report was the answer to the question asked on title page: “Does Anyone Deliver a Developed, Broad, Integrated Suite?” We all know there are a ton of talent management vendors, HR/Payroll vendors, workforce and ERP vendors out there. You’ve visited their websites, reviewed their marketing materials,  spoken with their sales reps — and you’ve heard them all say: “We have an integrated suite of workforce and talent management software...,” but we all know that what is said, and what is real does not always add up.

By directly speaking with hundreds of healthcare providers, this report indicates a different story: “HealthcareSource delivers a full suite of TM modules and is the only vendor in this report with validated, widespread use of all of their offerings.” The report also states: “HealthcareSource has strong integration between native modules as well as outside HRIS programs, allowing providers to become more efficient.” KLAS validated HealthcareSource as having the most sites using multiple modules. In fact, while HealthcareSource had validated use in all but one module, six of the seven other vendors had validated use in only one (or zero) modules despite their marketing materials.

We believe it is important to not just stop there. HealthcareSource has spent decades developing an integrated suite for healthcare because healthcare is different. Recruiting, training and managing healthcare personnel is not the same as those functions in other industries. These systems need to be designed specifically for healthcare.

So why were other big name vendors not listed in the top of the report and why have so few vendors extensively designed and deployed their talent management suites for healthcare? Well, because healthcare is complex! HealthcareSource does not dilute our efforts by focusing on other industries. We also do not see ourselves as just a software developer. Building relationships with our clients and delivering personalized and exceptional service is a passion at HealthcareSource which aligns with the healthcare philosophy of people talking care of people.

Now, does that mean we are perfect? Absolutely not. The report identifies a number of things we can get better at, many of which we are already working on improving. Our clients want faster problem resolution, more features, more reporting, and, well, more everything. Trust us, we know. We listen to our clients, we know what to improve and we work hard at getting better every day. But even with our imperfections, we are doing what others have not. We are delivering a suite of talent management products in healthcare that impacts patient care and satisfaction.

Focus is important because, trust us, this is not easy stuff. And that is why we are so proud of the results in this report. It makes the hard work we do worth it.

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About J.P. Fingado

J.P. Fingado has more than 25 years of senior-level healthcare information technology experience. Previously, J.P. served as President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthcareSource, as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of API Healthcare, a healthcare-focused workforce management technology company. Before API Healthcare, J.P. was Vice President and General Manager of Cerner Corporation where he held several executive-level positions accountable for sales, operations, research, and development. Prior to joining Cerner, J.P. was President and Chief Operating Officer of Dynamic Healthcare Technologies, a publicly held clinical software provider. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.