HealthcareSource Talent SymposiumWhen I attend conferences, often the session that I find to be the most rewarding are ones given by people just like me, who understand the same challenges I face.

That’s why at HealthcareSource Talent Symposium, when we bring together 300-plus of the best HR and OD professionals from healthcare organizations across the country, the Peer-to-Peer sessions are consistently ranked as the top reason people attend Talent Symposium year after year.

At Talent Symposium, a Peer-to-Peer session is a 60-minute breakout session led by people who do what you do each and every day.

“Being a presenter at Talent Symposium gives you the chance to not only share what you’re doing at your organization, but more importantly, learn from your peers who are in your field,” says Cheryl Prall, Director of Training and Development at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton (RWJ) and HealthcareSource customer. “Each time I’ve presented at Talent Symposium I come away with more ideas on how to become more productive when I get back to the office.”

Cheryl’s Peer-to-Peer presentations have included a session titled, “The Journey to a Paperless HR Record.” In it, she details how RWJ used Lean principles to identify some ineffective processes within the organization. With the Education and HR departments managing many of their records via paper documents that were passed from one person to the next, there was no easy way to identify when a job req was stalled, or a file was out of place.

After evaluating their current processes, RWJ took advantage of the integration between HealthcareSource Position Manager, HealthcareSource Performance Manager, HealthcareSource NetLearning, and HealthcareSource NetCompetency to merge files and streamline much of the work the two departments were doing on their own. RWJ was able to digitize their orientation checklist, automate job descriptions, restructure their 360-feedback and performance goals processes, optimize applicant tracking, and more.

Cheryl’s story of how much two different departments could accomplish by thinking outside the box and reevaluating how they were using different solutions from a single vendor was so compelling and inspiring. It even got the attention of the American Hospital Association (AHA), and Cheryl was able to tell her story again to share RWJ’s best practices to an even larger audience at one of AHA’s webinars.

Should You Present a Peer-to-Peer Session?

Presenting at Talent Symposium is a great opportunity to gain experience speaking in front of a group,” says Cheryl. “Since you’re presenting to an audience full of people you don’t work with on a daily basis, this takes some of the pressure off. Presenting helps you meet and build connections with so many of the other attendees which provides so much value, even after the conference ends.”

Cheryl also enjoyed the support she received from HealthcareSource staff in putting her presentation together. We work as a sounding board, offer guidelines, and will even do dry runs with Peer-to-Peer presenters.

“For years I used to think, ‘I don’t do anything that’s new or innovative, so why would I put in to present?’” adds Cheryl. “But over time, I realized that what seems obvious to some, isn’t as obvious to others. People are always looking for different perspectives.” If you’re struggling to identify a topic, Cheryl suggests talking with coworkers and thinking about what you’ve accomplished and worked on over the course of the year.

HealthcareSource is currently accepting proposals for Peer-to-Peer sessions at Talent Symposium 2017.

We want you to share your experiences, demonstrate your success, and provide peers with unique solutions to the challenges faced in healthcare each day. If selected, you’ll present your knowledge to a national audience of HR, organizational development, and learning professionals in the healthcare industry.

All accepted speakers receive a complimentary pass to attend Talent Symposium. The submission deadline is Sunday, April 9.

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