Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are lost by organizations each year due to the inability to get staff and leaders to move forward with changes.

Why do 75% of all change efforts, leaders, and teams fail?

Largely because people feel left out of the process and lack the skills, knowledge, and motivation to adapt to the organization’s new systems, processes, and procedures. They are stuck in a rut of doing it the same old way that has always been done.

Organizations that equip their staff and leaders to SHED faster and quicker will be the ones that survive and thrive!

One week from today, Kathy B. Dempsey, President of Keep Shedding! Inc. will take the keynote stage at Talent Symposium 2016 — the annual HealthcareSource User Conference. As a former hospital executive, she strategically led Memorial Health Care System’s organizational development efforts to become one of top 100 hospitals in the country.

The fun, interactive session is packed with practical strategies for immediate implementation both on the job and at home. HealthcareSource customers will leave empowered to SHED for Success™ and be able to:

  • Embrace the concept of shedding and reframing, and learn why it is a critical skill in today’s healthcare environment
  • Understand and conquer the five reasons why staff and leaders resist change and won’t SHED
  • Know and understand their SHED Style and adopt new communication techniques for a variety of situations
  • Adapt their SHED Style and overall approach to become 75% more effective with communication and change
  • Learn the three R’s of shedding to stay positive, juggle multiple priorities, and do more with less
  • Overcome the number one barrier for embracing change and creating a game plan — and moving forward

We caught up with Kathy earlier this week to give you a sneak peek of her upcoming keynote presentation, here’s what she had to say:

Q.  We don’t want to give too much away about your keynote, but please share with us a golden nugget that you hope attendees will take away from your talk that isn’t found in the program description.

A.  95% say fear is the number one thing that holds them back in life. It’s not about shedding fear, it’s about embracing fear. Making it your friend. Fear + Action = Courage.

Q.  What are a few things attendees can expect from your session?

A.  Thought-provoking. Life-changing. Laughing one moment, crying the next.

Q.  What do you think is the most important quality for healthcare talent management professional (HR, OD, L&D, Talent Acquisition, etc.) to have?

A.  From birth to death, the number one most essential skill for work and life is mastering the ability to SHED. To let go of the old, that which no longer serves you and embrace the new. It’s the key to success and happiness.

Q.  What is your best advice for those attending a conference, such as Talent Symposium, whether it’s for newbies or veterans? What is the biggest rookie mistake you see?

A. Not being honest with yourself and others. Blind spots. Awareness is the first key in behavior change.

Q.  Aside from speaking, what are you most looking forward to about attending HealthcareSource Talent Symposium?

A.  I’m looking forward to meeting some amazing healthcare talent management professionals. I always enjoy the 2-minute conversations after I speak when I am doing my book signing. I have a rule. I don’t sign your book until you tell me what you’ve committed to SHED. Precious heartfelt conversations take place where people often make big shifts in their work and lives.  

Watch this video to hear from Kathy herself  about why you can’t miss her keynote presentation, “Shed or You’re Dead — How to Stay Alive and Thrive in the Midst of Healthcare Change” at Talent Symposium 2016!

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