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Lately, ICD-10 seems to be on the minds of everyone in healthcare. The ICD classification system ensures that each patient diagnosis has a universally understood code, which is crucial in the insurance and billing process. According to AHIMA, ICD-10 is “the classification system currently being used by the majority of the world. The US is the only industrialized nation not using an ICD-10-based classification system.”

ICD-10 is much more complex than ICD-9, with the number of codes increasing from 17,000 to 156,000 – a necessity as medical knowledge grows and procedures evolve. As you can imagine, an enormous amount of preparation and training is needed to help existing coders transition to the new skill set by the government mandated deadline of October 1, 2014. The problem facing many healthcare organizations is how to cope with and understand the huge number of new codes in time to meet the deadline. In fact, a recent study showed that less than 10 percent of physician practices have made “significant progress” when rating their overall readiness for ICD-10.

Here at HealthcareSource, we’re always talking to our customers about their business issues and best practices. Upon talking to a few of our HealthcareSource eLearning Library customers, our Courseware team discovered that because ICD-10 is so focused on medical coding and is not a typical hospital-wide education requirement,  no one was quite sure who was responsible for selecting and managing ICD-10 training. Here is our interpretation of a few of the conversations that you’ve probably had in your organization about ICD-10:


eLearning Administrator –“Have you started thinking about training for ICD–10?”

Education Coordinator – “What’s ICD-10?”

eLearning Administrator – “Something to do with coding. I guess Finance will handle it.”

Finance – “No, we don’t take care of education or training. Staff Development will handle it.”

Staff Development Specialist  – “It seems our physician group is wavering as to how they want to handle their education.”  

VP of Organizational Development – “This is training that’s specific to individual departments. Let’s have department managers decide their own group’s training!”

Department managers – “No way, we have too much on our plates as it is!”

 Everyone – “Someone needs to help us!”
 HIM Department – “Should we hire a consultant to handle this?

Everyone – “Who’s budget does this come out of?”

Everyone – “Who’s in charge here?”

If you can relate to any of these situations and feel unprepared for the mandatory transition to ICD-10 in October, consider using eLearning courseware to train your staff. Watch our webinar to hear from  two HIM professionals who are successfully using the HealthcareSource eLearning Library to ensure their staff is ready for the ICD-transition and beyond!

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Valerie Keays is the Marketing Programs Manager at HealthcareSource. Valerie is responsible for the development of our educational webinars and marketing programs pertaining to our L&D solutions.