2014 was a memorable year for healthcare talent management professionals and everyone here at HealthcareSource. The year’s ten most read blog posts brought new perspectives on the ever-changing healthcare industry, gave advice to healthcare recruiters and HR teams, provided talent management best practices, shared exemplary customer success stories,  and hopefully caused a laugh or two. Here are the top ten most-read HealthcareSource Blog posts from 2014 — enjoy!

1. The Tao of Taylor: 4 Life Lessons in Talent Management from Taylor Swift

2. 24 Things Candidates Do That Drive Recruiters Crazy

3. What Jimmy Fallon Can Teach Us about Thank You Notes

4. Why you Should Hire that Entitled, Lazy, Narcissistic, Twenty-Something

5. How to Help Your Nurses Transition from RN to BSN

6. How to Survive a Visit from The Joint Commission

7. ♫♪ Alright, STOP. Collaborate & Listen — Patient Safety’s Back ♫♪

8. How Lakeland’s HR Team Helped Improve Patient Satisfaction & HCAHPS Scores

9. 4 Do’s & Don’ts of Recruiting & Retaining Top Healthcare Talent

10. 2014 Talent Symposium — Conference Highlights

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Meghan Doherty

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