Does this sound like something you may have heard from a hiring manager? “Rick has great qualifications, but so do the other 10 applicants. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of bringing him in when we have so many other candidates.”

Getting from the applicant screening phase to actually choosing the right candidate for the job can be a time consuming process. Sometimes you can’t get a good feel for an applicant without a face-to-face meeting, but nailing-down the logistics for in-person interviews can waste valuable time. To streamline the process, some healthcare organizations are now looking to video interviewing. This technology saves time and money and gives your hiring managers the tools they need to quickly find the best candidate for the job.

Video interviewing doesn’t replace the initial candidate screening. That’s still handled with a phone call. Instead, virtual interviewing helps simplify the follow-up process and choosing right candidates for face-to-face interviews. Candidates record video interviews via webcam. The questions are standardized, making it easy to benchmark the candidates and giving you powerful insight into their qualifications early in the process. It even improves the candidate experience. They record their video whenever their schedule permits — even if that’s at 10 p.m.

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Recorded videos can be easily shared with team members and colleagues, making it easy for you to get critical input without interrupting their busy day. And videos can be stored, giving you a video library of candidates for upcoming openings.

Hiring managers want to hire the best person for the job as quickly as possible so they can get back to working on patient care. Help them do just that. Learn more about HealthcareSource Interview Manager and how virtual interviewing can help cut the time, costs, and hassle associated with recruiting.

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