This post is an excerpt from our white paper, 2014 HR & Nursing Excellence Survey Results & Insights: How Talent & Learning Management Impact Nursing Excellence. In this white paper, you’ll learn the results of the HealthcareSource HR & Nursing Excellence Survey and how hiring, performance management, and learning initiatives impact nursing excellence.

nursingwpWithout a doubt, patients want nursing excellence from healthcare providers, but how is nursing excellence defined? Conversations with healthcare organizations suggest that the best nurses have strong clinical skills, as well as “soft skills” like empathy and the ability to listen. Jim Kinsey, Director Planetree Member Experience, Planetree describes nursing excellence as the intersection of skill and compassion. To better understand how healthcare HR, talent and learning management, education, and nursing professionals work together to promote nursing excellence, HealthcareSource initiated the 2014 HR & Nursing Excellence Survey.

This web-based survey was available online from December 1, 2013 through January 15, 2014 and nearly 300 individuals at healthcare organizations across the United States participated. Industry experts and thought leaders reviewed the survey findings and offered their insights in a live webinar event. This group included Frederick P. Morgeson, Ph.D., Eli Broad Professor of Management, Michigan State University and Scentific Advisor, HealthcareSource, Jim Kinsey, Director Planetree Member Experience, Planetree, and Michelle Leavitt, Director, Courseware & Product Strategy HealthcareSource eLearning Library, HealthcareSource.

To set the tone for the survey, respondents were asked which excellence designations or initiatives their organizations were working towards. The vast majority (80%) indicated that they are focused on improving HCAHPS scores. The second most prevalent initiative is the Magnet Recognition Program® (37%). The emphasis placed on HCAHPS is not surprising, given HCAHPS’s nationwide scope and the link between survey results and Medicare reimbursements. “Healthcare organizations are beginning to recognize how important the patient experience is to quality of care. High HCAHPS scores aren’t possible in the absence of positive patient experiences,” said Dr. Morgeson. However, healthcare providers must be careful not to look at HCAHPS in isolation. “We also have to consider the culture around patient-centered care. Sustained improvements in HCAHPS survey scores are based on how people feel about their work,” said Jim Kinsey.

Download our latest white paper to learn more of the results of the HR & Nursing Excellence Survey and how hiring, performance management, and learning initiatives impact nursing excellence. 

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