When my organization asked for people to blog, I thought “sure I can do that!” I am a seasoned HR professional with a Journalism and English degree. They then suggested that I blog about how I got to HealthcareSource—my enthusiasm immediately turned into writer’s block. “Oh no!” I thought, “How do you condense a personal journey into 1000 words or less?”

I am a Human Resources professional by trade–idealistic and realistic all at the same time. My fulfillment has undeniably come from helping others and making meaningful contributions to an organization. If Human Resources is your first love, as it is mine, it will be easy to make the connection for yourself on why you do what you do in healthcare. There is nothing more gratifying than positively impacting the lives of applicants, employees, and customers in a healthcare organization.

To put it simply, as HR professionals we change lives. We can impact the applicant experience, the employee experience and the experience of our customers. We may never know where someone else is on their journey when we meet them, but we strive to make that journey better for the people that we meet.

Prior to working at HealthcareSource, I was working as a Talent Acquisition leader in a hospital system. I viewed my contribution as selecting, hiring, and retaining people that were going to deliver the best care to our customers, patients and to each other as employees. I was able to easily make this connection on a daily basis. Although this was satisfying to me, my journey began to evolve when I began working in a capacity that allowed me to deliver this message to other healthcare HR professionals.

That is when the “light went on” and my journey took me to HealthcareSource. Suddenly, I was not only able to make meaningful contributions to excellent patient care in one organization, I could make meaningful contributions to hundreds of healthcare applicants and HR professionals, thus impacting the lives of thousands of individuals that use healthcare services across our country!

Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? Yes.

Applicants want a friendly and responsive application and interview process. Healthcare leaders want processes in place that yield the best applicants and the best employees. Organizations want to provide excellent care to patients. HealthcareSource proved to me when I was a client that this could be done better by incorporating the solutions that they offered.

Today, I have the opportunity to work with other HR professionals and provide them with the tools, training and the guidance that helps them select, hire and retain individuals that will deliver excellent care to their customers.  When you teach HR professionals how to teach their leaders to select, hire and retain the right people you are doing what HR professionals are supposed to do—help other humans.

So fellow HR professionals, ponder this question…do you feel that you are helping other humans?

I do…every day.

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About Miranda R. Maynard PHR

Miranda R. Maynard PHR is the Implementation & Training Specialist for the Assessment Division of HealthcareSource. Miranda is responsible for client implementation and training on Assessment solutions and conducts Behavioral Interviewing workshops. Prior to joining the HealthcareSource team, Miranda spent 15 years as a Human Resources leader, specializing in Talent Acquisition for healthcare organizations. Miranda is a certified Professional in Human Resources and is a former Board Member for the Greater Cleveland Association of Healthcare Recruitment.