After reading an article in TLNT stating reasons why employees lie to get off work, I started thinking“What can the HR folks we work with do so their healthcare employees don’t feel the need to lie to get out of work?” Immediately, I thought about employee satisfaction and how critical HR is to making this a priority within their organization. Employee satisfaction has a direct effect on employee performance, including attendance. Maybe the answer is: Increase employee satisfaction to eliminate lying.

Improving employee satisfaction isn’t rocket science. Often, an unsatisfied employee is the direct result of an unbearable work environment. Try re-evaluating your policies concerning vacation or holiday time. Roll out an employee satisfaction survey on a regular basis to help improve the work environment. Really utilize the survey to listen to your employees and consider their ideas. And think about why employees are lying to get out of work in the first place. 

Healthcare Employees Shouldn't Lie to get off work

It seems to me that employees typically lie to get out of work because they are dealing with too much at one time. In other words, the employee has their hands full with an overload of tasks and responsibilities. But worse than that, perhaps the expectations for them are unclear. Don’t let employees reach the kind of stress level that results in the employee lying to get a day off. It can be very hectic in the healthcare field, which means you need a guarantee that your employees can handle their tasks. According to an article in Healthcare Finance News, when healthcare workers are stressed “they detach from the environment, both emotionally and cognitively, and that’s when errors often occur.”

How do you know when employees are overstressed? The answer is communication and organization. It’s important that employees understand their responsibilities. Let healthcare employees create their own goals that correspond with the organization’s mission and their job objectives. A visible list will provide an organized environment for your employees, which lessens chaos in daily routines. When an employee isn’t meeting their goals, take action and create a development plan to help them improve.    

Consider Improving your Performance Management Process

If you decide to move forward with an automated performance management system to increase employee satisfaction, don’t be scared of the implementation process. The key is to find people in your organization who can dedicate themselves to implementing the system.  Identify those with experience implementing talent management software and get them on your team. Allocate time for these staff members to work with the software. Train the managers. Have the implementation team explain to managers how to write an effective job description. That way, they understand how to properly use the software and what their role is in the implementation process.

Many organizations break the implementation process into manageable pieces. We suggest automating your job descriptions first and then moving on to other parts of the system like the performance appraisal template, goals, and competencies. At HealthcareSource, we believe the job description piece is so critical, we have service teams dedicated to helping our new performance management software clients get those uploaded to their new system. 

Once you’ve successfully implemented performance management software, your organization will have improved communication. Remember, it’s not just about organizing the process of completing performance appraisals. Although that’s really important, especially in healthcare because of compliance issues, it’s about improving employee satisfaction. Your employees will be able to look at a list of their tasks and speak with their manager if there is too much on their plate. Speaking up first, before lying to get off work, will make all the difference. 

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