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Employee turnover is a costly reality in healthcare. Experts estimate that for each percentage increase in annual nurse turnover, an average hospital faces losses of $300,000 per year. With healthcare occupations expected to grow dramatically to meet future demands, turnover isn’t likely to go away on its own anytime soon. In response, healthcare organizations must re-examine the current talent management processes in place to ensure they’re recruiting the best people who are likely to stay long-term.

When it comes to evaluating candidates, its common for many organizations to only take their professional experience and past job performance into consideration. However, this method overlooks the importance of behavioral competencies, such as compassion and customer service orientation that are predictive of retention and contribute to success on-the-job.

Incorporating behavioral-based assessments into the hiring process is a proven method for reducing turnover, improving recruiting efficiency for managers and HR, and increasing employee engagement. In this white paper, we’ll explore how leading healthcare organizations are using behavioral assessments to revolutionize the way they attract, assess, select, and develop their employees.

In our white paper titled: Identifying Today’s High Performers and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Leveraging Behavioral Assessments for Healthcare Talent Management, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Selecting candidates for behavioral and cultural fit
  • Having a consistent, structured approach to hiring
  • Streamlining recruitment by focusing on top prospects
  • Supporting existing staff for leadership development

Are you interested in learning how leading healthcare organizations are using behavioral-based assessments to recruit and retain top healthcare talent? Download our white paper to see how you can revolutionize the way you attract, assess, select, and develop your employees. 


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