ASHHRA Healthcare HR WeekThe American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA), proudly announces the fifth year of Healthcare HR Week. The week of March 13 – 19, 2016, has been designated to commend healthcare human resources (HR) professionals for their hard work and dedication.

“ASHHRA created this event to recognize the contributions they’ve made in making their organization successful. This celebration is for healthcare human resources professionals who work in hospitals, health systems, clinics, long-term care and hospice facilities and any other healthcare organization,” says ASHHRA Executive Director Dawn M. Rose.

Healthcare HR professionals face a number of issues in the shifting landscapes of workforce management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, talent management, wellness and more. Since the first Healthcare HR Week in 2012, ASHHRA has received many creative ways healthcare organizations recognized and celebrated this important week, ranging from dance videos to afternoon group walks to sock puppet bingo, and more.

In honor of ASHHRA’s Healthcare HR Week we are sharing this fun “listicle”. We encourage you to join us in spreading the word about #HCHRweek celebrations at your healthcare organization by telling your HR colleagues how much you appreciate all that they do!

1. People come to you with questions…all kinds of questions…health questions that you really can’t answer…

Healthcare HR Week

2. Your office is not limited to a 10×10 room with a desk.

You name it, the bathroom, cafeteria, gift shop, you will get asked HR questions everywhere.

Healthcare HR Week

3. You get some pretty unique requests.

Healthcare HR Week

4. You have a better than average knowledge about aspects of a hospital that most people don’t.

Mainly because every relationship with a new hire begins with getting them through their first week.

Healthcare HR Week

5. We need to have a conversation about our policy…

Healthcare HR Week


6. You go above and beyond what’s in your job description.

Healthcare HR Week

7. You wear a hat for everything, which may not fall under another department.

Be it wellness, or paper airplane design for the pediatric unit…you are happy to help!

Healthcare HR Week

8. You help heal the people who help heal others.

Healthcare HR Week

9. You do so much in a day, we truly appreciate what you do for the Human side of Healthcare!

 Healthcare HR Week

Share your Healthcare HR Week activities by using the #HCHRweek hashtag on social media, and be sure to email us if you would like ASHHRA to feature your activities in future toolkits.  

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