MWHC_Hero Blog (3)Editorial Note: This is a contributed guest post written by HealthcareSource customer Darla Burton,  Director of Physician and Associate Recruitment at Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Everybody grows up with visions of superheroes in their heads. I am sure as children we have all dressed up as one or two in “our time.” We have had some changes in skill mix  and recruitment challenges, specifically when reviewing our inpatient registered nurse needs.  We have positions posted externally on many different sites; however, we have not tapped into our greatest resource — our associates!

When our marketing partner, Fusion Marketing pitched “Every Hero needs a Partner” as our 2015 recruitment campaign for internal associates to refer an experienced RN or one of our other high demand, low applicant areas…our leadership team fell in love with the concept.

Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) has for many years found that our associates are great avenues to attract talent, and we have tapped into that source for many years! This is why we offer this program every one to two years. The success of finding qualified candidates in some of our more difficult areas to fill  through an associate referral program have been great.

What has made us successful? We do not run this campaign year round.  We find it builds excitement to have it available for a defined period of time and the referrals come rolling in! If employees are aware of a friend or  someone they have met professionally along the way with like skills, experience and a friendship — by offering this incentive to speak to them about coming to MWHC through this referral bonus — it just starts a conversation where an employee may not have thought about it before.

We have posters made, we send out email blasts to our organization, we publicize on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We have had several campaigns with catchy titles in the past, but this one embodies the real essence of what how we view our healthcare providers.  We want them to refer their “partner” that they would want standing beside them in any given medical emergency.

The superhero theme will be carried into May, which is Healthcare Appreciation Month at MWHC.  We will have a photobooth at various employee events complete with the capes, masks, and other superhero props to support the theme of our referral campaign.

Executive support of this program has been outstanding so far.  I mean, how could it not be?  The program is relatively low cost, has a quick turnaround time, and it helps us attract high-quality candidates for Mary Washington Healthcare!

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Download White Paper Now!

About Darla Burton, PHR, SWP

Darla Burton, PHR, SWP is the Director for Physician and Associate Recruitment at Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) in Fredericksburg, VA. Darla has worked in human resources for over twenty years, focusing on recruitment. Understanding that recruitment tactics need to change as technology changes, Darla relentlessly works to keep ideas "fresh" and creative to attract quality talent to the MWHC organization.