J.P. Fingado Today, I join HealthcareSource as President and CEO. For the past 25 years I have been associated with healthcare information technology from many different aspects. Over that time, changes in the healthcare industry, technology, and science have been immeasurable. One thing that has crystallized in my mind is that the talent of an organization is the single greatest variable that allows an organization to succeed and achieve their mission. In the eyes of our clients, that mission is the delivery of quality care to everyone.

Almost six years ago, I met Peter Segall, who is stepping down as CEO, and was introduced to HealthcareSource. The company caught my eye and I have stayed close to it ever since, watching their growth and accomplishments. When Peter made the decision to leave HealthcareSource, he and I had a positive discussion about the future of the company. I knew in my heart that this was an organization I wanted to join. Because of our long-time connection and the value we both place on transparency in thoughts and words, this has been a very smooth transition.

As I join this great team, I want to express how excited I am about the future. HealthcareSource is made up of an amazing team, focused on achieving great results and satisfying our clients. This commitment to excellence could not have been made more clear than what I saw last week in Orlando at our annual user conference, Talent Symposium. The relationships that exist between our employees and clients clearly demonstrate the trust and care that goes into making HealthcareSource a client-focused company.

Throughout my career I have focused on several key drivers: ethics, service, and innovation. First we must do things the right way. Many times this involves having open and honest discussions and building trust with our peers and our clients that lead to great results. Delivering great service is another key tenet. This does not mean that we do everything that we are asked to do, but it does mean that we are there for our clients in a professional and friendly manner, we help drive value for our clients, and we also advise and serve our clients to the best of our abilities using all the knowledge and experiences we have collected from delivering thousands of product implementations. The last tenet is making innovation a priority. Many times people think of this as just delivering features and functionality, but we need to go far beyond that. We need to be developing products today that meet the needs of our clients three to five years from now. We must be a thought leader and innovator that enables you to use our healthcare-specific solutions to drive quality talent and quality care

I look forward to talking and meeting each of you in the future and I am very excited to be part of the HealthcareSource team.



J.P. Fingado
President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthcareSource

About J.P. Fingado

J.P. Fingado has more than 25 years of senior-level healthcare information technology experience. Previously, J.P. served as President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthcareSource, as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of API Healthcare, a healthcare-focused workforce management technology company. Before API Healthcare, J.P. was Vice President and General Manager of Cerner Corporation where he held several executive-level positions accountable for sales, operations, research, and development. Prior to joining Cerner, J.P. was President and Chief Operating Officer of Dynamic Healthcare Technologies, a publicly held clinical software provider. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.