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As organizations continue to adapt to the changes and challenges of COVID, one area that’s getting more attention is talent development. Many organizations are expanding their use of online and mobile learning opportunities to build staff competence and confidence anywhere, anytime.

“Your staff chose this field to deliver great care to people, says Pat Basserman, product marketing manager for HealthcareSource. “eLearning helps them stay up to date with the latest developments, which is essential to protecting the people you serve, and makes their jobs much more fulfilling and rewarding.”

It’s also vital as healthcare teams are asked to work in units outside their normal assignments.

“Online and mobile learning provides just-in-time training to help individuals be more fluid in their roles, including working in departments where they need to learn new skills within days or hours of a shift starting,” adds Maureen McGinness, the company’s senior director of marketing.

5 Ways to Make Online and Mobile Learning Work for Your Healthcare Organization

We created this list of tips and tactics to help you increase training productivity with online and mobile learning.

  • Find a reliable eLearning content partner, especially for high-priority and emerging skills training. You don’t have to create all the learning yourself. A trusted partner that specializes in healthcare has a library of CEU, certification and other courses that are up-to-date and proven effective. Importantly, they’ve already invested in mobile-first courses specifically designed to be accessed on tablets, phones or laptops.
  • Evaluate opportunities for refresher training to help your team relearn correct procedures. For example, COVID exposed incorrect use of PPE even for the most seasoned professionals. HealthcareSource partners with Amplifire to distribute an Infection Prevention and Control Essentials – Rapid Refresher course to healthcare organizations across the U.S.
  • Accommodate every kind of learner with talent development solutions that include video, audio, webinars, textbooks and worksheets to deliver long-lasting skills development that improves quality of care and patient outcomes.
  • Allow off-shift learning when possible, since there are not enough hours in the day and while on shift to complete the necessary training. Non-mandatory microlearning modules delivered online and via mobile devices can be taken throughout a shift, and depending on union rules, during a commute or while the kids are remote schooling. This improves performance while giving healthcare professionals more control over when, where, and how they learn.
  • Encourage self-guided education with access to a full library of eLearning content that appeals to their interests. Giving employees agency to seek out additional information helps them feel more engaged in their work and improves retention rates. For example, the HealthcareSource eLearning LibrarySM makes it easier to keep and grow the future leaders of your organization.

Increased use of online and mobile learning delivers additional strategic benefits to healthcare organizations.

“Investing in the growth and development of the team shows a demonstrable commitment to frontline staff and to their needs,” concludes David Wilkins, chief strategy officer for HealthcareSource. “If more of that can be accomplished in ways that provide flexibility in the when and how of learning consumption, all the better. Nearly everything about a frontline worker’s schedule and work experience has been outside their control in this past year. Whatever we can do to restore some autonomy and self-direction to their work life is a step in the right direction.”

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